Municipal Services

Norwood Police Department

Address: 10 W. Cleveland Avenue; Norwood, PA 19074
Office telephone: 610-461-2308
Overnight parking line: 610-522-0555

Call 911 for Emergencies

Norwood Fire Company (Delaware County Station 02)

Address: 336 Chester Pike; Norwood, PA 19074
Office telephone: 610-461-0111

Call 911 for Emergencies

Norwood Fire Company

Norwood Post Office

Address: 326 Chester Pike; Norwood, PA 19074
Telephone: 610-461-1708

Norwood Public Library

Address: 513 Welcome Avenue; Norwood, PA 19074
Telephone: 610-534-0693

Trash Collection

Bulk Trash Pick Ups: Bulk trash may be put out on the second day of your trash schedule, no more than 3 items at a time. This day is usually the lightest for trash. Our current hauler will do his best to pick up due to size and amount of trash these days.

No hazardous materials, building materials, or rubbish from building construction, industrial refuse, machinery, or vehicle parts; no plumbing materials, trees, or concrete/stone material will be accepted. Discarded rugs must be cut into 4' sections and tied. Items with freon must be disposed of by a private contractor or by PECO (1-888-573-2672). Per new state regulations, TVs and electronic devices cannot be collected in residential trash.

Click here to view and download the 2019 schedule for Delaware County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Events.

Go Green, Please Recycle Go Green, Please Recycle: The blue recycling containers are available at no charge to residents by calling the Borough Office at 610-586-5800.

What can we recycle?:
Clear and multi-colored glass, aluminum and bi-metallic cans, and plastic bottles. All these items can be co-mingled and placed in the same blue container.

Newsprint can be tied with string and placed next to the container for pick up.

Effective immediately, BAGGED RECYCLE MATERIAL will no longer be accepted at the recycling facility. ALL recycle material must be placed in a recycle container in order to be picked up.

NO plastic bags, NO pizza boxes.

Please call 610-586-1400 with any questions.

Blue containers are for recycling only. No household trash will be picked up if placed in the blue container.

Compost Farm: Until 2018 the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority (DCSWA) operated a 9 acre Compost Farm where it composted approximately 6 million pounds of leaves and yard waste annually. Faced with rising costs and in an effort to reduce fees for all 49 municipalities the DCSWA entered into an agreement with a private company to operate the site in Chester Township. Beginning in November of 2018, County Conservation began providing the same services at the site.

The DCSWA no longer controls the finished product and, therefore, will no longer be able to provide free compost to County residents. County Conservation will make the compost available to residents wishing to purchase it at a reduced rate. Leaves and yard waste collected throughout the County are placed in windrows, monitored, turned, shredded and left to compost. By late summer the compost is put through a final screening and is available for purchase by the public at a reduced rate for use as a soil additive or as mulch. This process allows the DCSWA to preserve landfill space by removing leaves from the waste stream and it creates an environmentally beneficial product for use by our citizens.

County residents interested bringing yard waste to the site or learning more about their services can contact County Conservation at (856) 227-6900 or by visiting their website at