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Norwood has much to offer its residents and neighbors. There are parks and recreational fields, a good mix of retail, restaurants, and services along Chester Pike and Winona Avenue, and public transportation, including the SEPTA 114 bus line and Wilmington/Newark regional rail line. Just minutes from I-95 and the Philadelphia International Airport, our vibrant community combines the best of Delaware County in a 540-acre family-oriented, tree-lined package.

Founded in 1873 by John Cochran, a realtor from Chester, the name comes from the book Norwood or Village life in New England, written by Henry Ward Beecher in 1868. Norwood was incorporated as a Borough on November 6, 1893 out of area formerly part of Ridley Township.

Norwood Borough Council Members
Norwood Borough Council Members

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Agenda for August 30, 2021 Borough Council Meeting

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Covid-19 Resolution

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Norwood Landfill

Norwood Landfill Site Assessment

December, 2019

Dear Concerned Resident,

Norwood Borough Council is writing to you today as your fellow neighbors, friends, and supporters. Please know we have and will continue to pressure and assist the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to continue testing in both Borough and residential areas. Like all of you, we live and raise our families in this great community and like you, we care deeply for our family and friends.

We would like you to know that we were contacted by the EPA in early 2017 by Chris Vallone, who was designated the ‘site manager’ for Norwood. They were requesting permission for a ‘preliminary assessment’ of both borough and residential areas. On April 12, 2017 at 10am, Bill Gavin (Council President), Francie Howat (Borough Manager), Lisa Catania (Engineer), and several residents met with representatives from the EPA and Weston, the company the EPA hired to take samples and provide a report of the findings, were all present for the walk through.

In September 2017, samples were obtained and the report was provided to us on March 6, 2018 by Mr. Vallone, EPA site manager for Norwood. The borough hired an independent toxicologist on March 9, 2018, to review the findings of the report. In early 2019, after several attempts to contact Mr. Vallone, President Gavin was contacted by Joe Vitello, who replaced Mr. Vallone as the ‘site manager’ for Norwood. Mr. Vitello advised council that a meeting would be held on July 26, 2019 at Borough Hall. Representatives from the EPA, DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), toxicologists, two (2) Borough council members and Norwoodlandfill.com representatives were in attendance. They gave a presentation and stated that they were recommending closure of the investigation. Both the Borough and norwoodlandfill.com representatives questioned their decision and they said they would consider additional testing if new information came to light. President Gavin contacted Mr. Vitello as there were areas that the Borough felt were not tested.

We would like to ensure you that the Borough has been working with the EPA for 2+years and will continue to work with them throughout the next set of testing. Our website has been updated with all the information from the EPA’s community meeting at the Norwood Firehouse on November 21, 2019, also contact information for the EPA. We will continue to be an advocate to represent our residents. We will hold the EPA responsible and will continue to request and apply pressure for additional testing.


Norwood Borough Council & Mayor

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EPA Presentation

ATSDR Presentation

Cost Recovery - September 2001

Cost Recovery - November 2001